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We offer individual or group classes with the goal of developing your lash business quickly, but still doing so with care! You will not find a more committed, dedicated, and genuine instructors. With the techniques, tips and tricks we provide, your clients will be choosing you over every other lash tech in your area.  Our instructors strive to be progressively dedicated to you and your lash endeavours.

So, here we are, all yours! You get our energy, our abilities, our business minds and our continued assistance, even after you have completed the course.

CC Lash + Brow executives have placed their hearts and spirits into instructing and rehearsing Lash and Brow Artistry.  It is their obsession and their full-time vocations.  Our mentors have experienced their own battles after unprofessional training programs and needed the advice of others along the way.  This has helped us to create an astounding system, beyond a typical instructional class.


CC Lash + Brow has helped other Lash Artists build their confidence and discover a strategy that will enable them to develop a successful business. CC Lash + Brow will prompt you on the tips and tricks that have taken such a considerable amount of effort to figure out. We will teach them to you! 

The valuable skills and strategies have been the endeavours of following the best Lashers in the world.  Our teachers have helped so many, and have responded to a significant amount of questions, from students, to specialists that have been in the business for a considerable length of time! CC Lash + Brow, at last, just compiled everything into a more straightforward format to follow. The CC Lash + Brow tips and tricks are organized with the goal that you know exactly what you need to know in order to succeed!

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