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Brows Antigonish

Eyebrow Shape & PRO Consult


Do you need help with your brow shape or regrowth? This is our specialty. We are here to help.

Appointments are approximately 20-30 minutes. Your brow specialist will discuss your natural shape and structure. We are here to help you achieve the shape you want. Waxing or threading is included, as well and shading and highlighting.

Shape, Shade & Consult           $40

Henna Brow Application


Henna is intended to both tint the natural brow hairs as well as stain the skin to mimic the look of brow powder or pencil. The henna will last approximately 7-14 days on the skin, but up to 8 weeks on the brow hairs.  Appointments are approximately 1 hour.

Henna Application         $65

Eyebrow Touch Up


Includes waxing or threading existing shape and basic shade and highlight.  Appointments are approximately 10 minutes.

Touch Up          

Starting at $25

Brow Tint


This basic tint is intended to tint the brow hairs. Appointments are approximately 15 minutes.

Brow Tint         $25

(Semi-Permanent Procedure)


Achieve your desired eyebrow with the advanced technique of Nano; a technique that uses an ultra-fine needle and allows for more accuracy and precision to give a natural, delicate look. The Nano Brow service is a semi-permanent service (deposits pigment into the skin) that creates the illusion of texture, depth, and movement by combining individual hair strokes, sometimes with soft shading techniques that leave your brows looking fuller and more defined. No more penciling in those sparse brows, you will have effortless perfect looking brows for up to three years!

Results typically last 2-3 years.

Consultation   $50 (goes towards your nano brow service)

NanoBrows     $525

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