Gain VIP, behind the scenes, access to Australia's Master Brow Henna Trainers, Mandy Jeffery and Brent Derepas, who will reveal their essential game-changing Brow Secrets to dazzle your clients and make your Brow Business Boom!


Fox Cosmetics is the award-winning Brow Line designed by Brow Artists for Brow Artists. We are coming back to Canada in April and May 2020 for a two-day in-depth Natural Brow Design and Brow Henna Design Classes.


Join us to fully understand how henna works with your clients' skin & Hair to create the best brows they have ever had!


Day 1 is all about in-depth Brow Design and anatomical mapping to achieve the perfectly shaped brow every time - with or without henna.


Day 2 is Henna Technology and Application Secrets where we cover different henna application techniques, how the henna works with the skin to help troubleshoot problems and how to achieve different colour effects and the perfect henna outcome for your clients.


Each day includes a comprehensive full-colour manual, kit and hands-on training on a model.


You will also have access to our online classes so you can go back over the information time and time again.

Each day is $699 or if you choose to train both days it is only $1195!

Fox Brow Henna Course

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